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What are cream chargers?

April 2020

Everything you need to know about whipped cream chargers

What are cream chargers?

The simple answer

Cream chargers are steel cylinders or cartridges that are filled with nitrous oxide (N2O), which is combined with cream inside a dispenser to form fresh whipped cream. Whipped cream is often used in many baking and dessert applications. 

A box containing 10 x 8g Steel Cream charger Cartridges

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Main Uses of Cream Chargers


The designed use of cream chargers is for making whipped cream. We’ve made an article on different recipes you can follow to make the perfect whipped cream, here. By whipping the cream yourself you are able to add different flavours and weight of the cream that can be much fresher compared to canned spray whipped cream.

Shelf life


Canned whipped cream:

3 Weeks

Fresh whipped cream:

1-3 Weeks (Check Date) 


While cream chargers are most commonly used in the kitchen for preparing food, you can also use them to whip up some cocktails and other beverages. These beverages include fizzy and bubbly drinks, not those that are thick or creamy. Injecting nitrous oxide into your alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks can provide you with an amazing texture and a refreshing taste.

Some bars also use whipped cream, incorporated with their drinks. They often use a  whipped cream dispenser for better taste and to allow them to have more precision in the cream mixture.

Some different drinks that use whipped cream:

Model Rocketry

Whipped cream chargers are also used by rocket enthusiasts as a propellant fuel for miniature homemade rockets. You can view a demensentauiin of a rocket using a 16g cream charger a Youtube Video by MartyFSAE .

Other Uses


Reading this word, you probably aren't familiar with it. However, if you have eaten at a fine-dining restaurant before, you have probably eaten espuma. This is a Spanish word for froth or foam, and in cooking, it refers to warm foam. An espuma is commonly made with things like soup, vegetable purees, or stock along with a thickening agent and nitrous oxide.


Another way you can use a cream charger is by mixing together airy, bubbly batters for things like pancakes, waffles, or a deep-fry mixture. Pancake and waffle mixes can sometimes end up too thick, which can lead to a dense outcome. Using a cream charger can ensure that your waffles and pancakes are never too dense.

Adding some nitrous oxide to your batter will give you perfect light and fluffy pancakes or waffles. You can also use your cream charger to lighten your deep fry mixture to give you the right amount of crunchy that isn't weighted down by oils. 

How to use a cream chargers

STEP 1: Unscrew the top section of the dispenser and also add the desired cream foaming tip. Make sure that this is securely connected to the canister so it won't fall off. The O-ring or gasket must also be in place on the underside of the head.

STEP 2: Pour in the whipping cream or desired liquid up to the max line. Make sure not to overfill.

STEP 3: Screw in the top section evenly and firmly onto the dispenser making sure not to cross-thread. Place the whipped cream charger into the holder with the smallest end facing upwards. Gently twist the charger holder onto the head of the canister until you hear a hiss as the gas starts to be released inside the dispenser.

STEP 4: Shake the dispenser a few times, and turn it upside down to move the liquid around inside. Dispense the cream by pressing the lever. If the cream is too runny, shake the dispenser a few times and try again.

STEP 5: When the canister is empty, discharge any remaining pressure over a sink by holding the lever in, then unscrew the top head. Discard and recycle the metal charger.

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Types of cream chargers

8g Steel Mosa Cream charger Cartridge
8g Steel Mosa Cream charger Cartridge

8g Canister

8g cream charger canisters are the most popular form of cream chargers, and will fit most regular whipped cream dispensers. Most people will only ever need to use 8g cream chargers, especially for domestic purposes.

16g Canisters (Double Chargers)

16g cream chargers are double the standard weight for NOS canisters and simply hold more. Because of this most standard whipped cream dispensers will not be able to use a 16g charger. To fix this you can buy an adapter and you can swap parts on your whipped cream dispenser.

Where to buy whipped cream chargers


If you're looking to buy cream chargers locally the only stores that are likely to stock them are kitchen supply or culinary stores, but they usually only carry a limited stock. Some retailers also only sell to businesses due to people misusing the product. Visit our directory page to find your local retailers.


There are lots of online retailers that stock including Amazon and eBay. Online is also often the cheapest place to buy whipped cream chargers compared to local shops.

Country specific websites we recommends are: 


United Kingdom:

United States:

See our full article on what shops sell cream chargers 

Main Manufacturers and Brands

There are only a small number of large cream charger manufacturers in the world, the taiwanese company Mosa being the largest, followed by Liss and then Kayser which are european manufactures. These companies have lots of different brands that they market to different countries around the world.

Mosa – Taiwan (Website)

Liss  – Hungary (Website)

Kayser – Austria / Czech Republic (Website)

ISI – Austria (Website)

Whip it cream chargers , box of 50
Original Whip-it! cream chargers
Kayser Cream chargers in a box of 24
Kayser Cream chargers
Ultra Purewhip cream chargers
Ultra-Purewhip cream chargers
iSi cream chargers in a box of 10
ISI Cream Chargers
Mosa Cream chargers in a box of 50
Mosa Cream Chargers
Best Whip Cream Chargers
Best Whip Cream Chargers
EZ Whip Cream chargers
EZ Whip cream chargers
A box of 10 Quick Whip cream chargers
Quick Whip cream chargers


Unfortunately, Nitrous oxide is frequently misused by individuals because when inhaled it gives the user a feeling of euphoria, relaxation and calmness. Another common effect is fits of giggles and laughter – hence the nickname by some people of  ‘laughing gas’. Other common phrases the drug is known by is: Balloons, Nos, Whippits, Hippie Crack, Nangs and Noz.

To learn more about the risks of Nitrous Oxide misuse visit the UK government website talk to frank.

Other Factors

There are serious health risks associated with misuse and inhaling of the nitrous oxide inside cream chargers and sometimes even fatal consequences. In fact in 2017 alone 5 people died in the UK alone, mainly from asphyxiation (Deprivation of oxygen) due to the misuse of use of nitrous oxide.

Other risks that are associated with the misuse of cream charges are attributed to the fact that it impairs your judgment and can make you dizzy. This puts the individual at risk, especially when around steep drops, rivers and fire where they may fall or trip into and become injured. 

Can you become addicted?

There is actually no evidence that you can become addicted to Nitrous oxide. However, it is possible to become psychologically addicted, which means you have a craving / desire for the substance, even though you know it may be harming you.  

08/03/2018 | Matthew Barnett, 23, Wigan – Presumed asphyxia 24 canisters found 

18/02/2017 | Miguel Fernandes, 19, Surry – Presumed asphyxia

28/04/2017 | Vincent Ji-on Kwan, 24, Bristol – Presumed asphyxia. Possible suicide  

25/07/2015 | Ally Calvert, 18, Abbey Wood – heart attack and died, potentially unrelated

15/04/2015 | Charles Barnhoorn, 20, Kingsteignton – Presumed asphyxia , +300 Canisters

02/03/2015 | Aaron Dunford, 22, Brighton – chronic user, B12 deficiency, presumed asphyxia

The common causes of death are:

  • Using Bags or masks over the head – Causing asphyxia
  • Using whitest standing – Causing to fall from height
  • Using in a confined / Inclosed space – Causing asphyia
  • Using while in control of a motor vehicle – Causing a fatal crash
  • A Heart attack brought on by the gas 

2008: 1

2009: 1

2010: 5

2011: 1

2012: 0

2013: 3

2014: 3

2015: 4

2016: 8

2017: 5


Total: 31 Deaths (Source)


The law regarding cream chargers and the Nitrous Oxide inside them varies around the world, but the vast majority of developed countries have some form of limitations or restrictions surrounding the gas. Most of the restrictions are aimed at keeping it out of the hands of children, just like other substances and gases like gule and butane.


+18 retailer restriction  

The laws surrounding the sale of cream charges in Australia varies from state to territory. However, most retailers enforce an over 18 policy. Nitrous oxide cream chargers are eligible for sale under the pretext of being used for food preparation only.


South Australia has implemented new rules regarding the sale of Nitrous oxide. Under the new Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Nitrous Oxide) Variation Regulations 2019 it is an offence to:

Retailers that fall to abide by these rule could receive a fine of up to AU$5,000.(Source)  

United Kingdom


In the United Kingdom it is illegal to supply or import Nitrous Oxide for misuses under the Psychoactive Substances Act of 2016. This means you can be prosecuted if you're found to be marketing to people who will use the gas for misuse or display that they will misuse the product. You are also required to be over the age of 18 to buy cream charger products.

13/11/2017 : Zubair Iftikhar – Possession with intent to supply (41,000 Canisters) | 10 month suspended prison sentence

03/09/2017 : Nicholas Chroussis – Possession with intent to supply (245 canisters) | 6 months suspended jail sentence + 50hrs Community service

15/08/2017 : Sonny Chapman – Possession with intent to supply (14,000 Canisters) | Two year prison sentence

09/07/2016 : William Cook – Possession with intent to supply (+200 Canisters) | 42 month prison sentence

United States

+18 (Can differ depending on state laws)

In the United states it is illegal to sell any item containing Nitrous Oxide such as cream chargers to any minors. The specific age can vary from state to state.  

“(b) Every person who sells, furnishes, administers, distributes, gives away, or offers to sell, furnish, administer, distribute, or give away a device, canister, tank, or receptacle either exclusively containing nitrous oxide or exclusively containing a chemical compound mixed with nitrous oxide, to a person under 18 years of age is guilty of a misdemeanor. The court shall consider ordering the person to perform community service as a condition of probation.” (Full Penal Code Source)

Benefits of Cream Chargers

One of the largest benefits of a cream charger is the fact that they are environmentally friendly. They are reusable, and when the lifespan is over, they can be recycled.

Cream chargers are also affordable and will last you for a long time. Some have a lifespan of at least two years. You can use it in your kitchen for several different things, not just making whipped cream.

You have the ability to make fresh whipped cream whenever you want it. This will give you better tasting whipped cream than you could buy from the grocery store. Your whipped cream will stay fresh in a cream container for as long as ten days in the refrigerator.


Frequently asked questions

There’s a huge difference between the two products and have completely different purposes. A cream charger is filled with Nitrous oxide for whipping cream and a soda charger is filled with carbon dioxide and used for carbonating water to make fizzy drinks. While they may look the same they contain a completely different gas, designed for two specific roles.  

Yes! If misused it can and has killed people. In 2017, five people died in a direct cause of inhaling nitrous oxide.(Source)

The law varies around the world, so do your own research. Generally, as long as you are over the age of 18 and are only using whipped cream chargers for cullerty purposes, it is totally legal to own them.  

No. The TSA (US Transport security Administration) do not allow passengers to bring compressed gases onto aircraft unless it is oxygen for medical purposes. This includes both carry on and check in baggage.

Disclaimer: While we aim for all our information to be as accurate as possible, please do your own research as information can change frequently. For more information view our Disclaimer page.