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There are a huge number and variety of cream charger retailers across the world, offering a range and variety of cream chargers. Whipped cream charger cartridges are a restricted product because of their link to misuse. Because of this, only a selected number of shops sell the product. Find your town or city below to find out more information:

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Whipped cream chargers have many names, informally and improperly known as whippets, nangs, nos or laughing gas. It’s unique in the fact that it’s a steel cartridge that is filled with N2O (Nitrous Oxide) which is commonly used by bars and restaurants to whip cream as it’s dispensed. A specially designed dispenser needs to be used to pierce the cream charger cartridge, which once broken will release the gas pressurizing the tank of the dispenser. Because of its design, the dispenser is also known as a whipping siphon.

The type of nitrous oxide affiliated to on is food-grade cream chargers, which are the most readily available and mass-produced form of nitrous oxide. You can view our directory to see what shops in your local area sell this product. The majority of the cream charger cartridges are 6.3cm tall and about 1.8cm wide in a cylindrical shape. To be able to withstand the huge amount of pressure within the chargers, the steel is approximately 2 mm thick surrounding the gas, which is why it has a surprising weight of 8 grams.

A box containing 10 x 8g Steel Cream charger Cartridges
A box containing 10 x 8g Steel Cream charger Cartridges


Most frequent questions and answers

Only use N2O (Nitrous oxide – Cream chargers). CO2 is used to make soda or power an air gun and cannot be used to whip cream. It’s a very common question but I assure you it not work. It will make your milk taste funny or even go bubbly.

There are lots of possible reasons but below are listed in order of likeliness:

  1. You’re not shaking the dispenser. By shaking it you’ll more effectively combine the NOS with the cream inside the dispenser. You need to do this before every use as well.
  2. There’s a leak in your dispenser. Once you’ve dispensed the Nitrous Oxide into the tank and you hear a hissing sound or can feel a quick release of the gas, then this is likely this is the reason.   
  3. Use the right about of cream chargers. To whip cream in a 1-litre dispenser it should take 2 – 3 chargers. Check on the box or find the manufacturer’s website if you’re unsure.
  4. Make sure you’re using whipping cream. The heavier the whipping cream is the less likely the cream will come out runny.
  5. The cream chargers are old. If you’re using very old chargers (+10 yrs ) that you’ve found in a cupboard somewhere, you’d best get some new ones.
  6. As stated above make sure your using (N2O) Nitrous Oxide cream chargers and not (CO2) carbon dioxide chargers.

Until the cream goes out of date. As a good rule of thumb is that you should only keep the cream in the whipper for as long as it doesn’t pass its expiry date.

How do I insert a charger into the dispenser?