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Cream Chargers

Popular choice

24 Kayser Cream Chargers side
  • 8g High Quality European Nitrous Oxide Whipped Cream Chargers
  • Gas Production: Nitrous Oxide Pharmaceutical. 
  • Compatible: With all major 8 gram whipped cream charger dispenser such as iSi, Kayser, Mosa, Liss
  • Product available in multiples  of 24

Whipped cream dispenser

Premuim product

500ML Camo Print Green cream Whipper
  • Made from a high quality aluminum material, highly durable.
  • Great design, miniature size, easy to clean and highly portable.
  • Simple, easy to control.
  • Suitable for a range of culinary needs.


Most frequent questions

No. We do not sell rubber balloons as this would indicate you intend to misuse the product. Anyone suspected of misusing the product will be refused delivery and a note will be taken of your account.

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*If your not available for any of these times, simply get in touch and we’ll do our best to find a slot for you. 


If you have a legitimate reason for needing more than 264 cream chargers such as being a business or a distributor, contact us and after doing our dudilagece you will be able to order in as bigger quantity as you need.

Extra information on Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide has many uses and are broken into three main types which include pharmaceutical grade, food grade and auto grade.


Pharmaceutical Grade Nitrous Oxide

This medical grade nitrous oxide is only available to chemical supply companies or gas companies. This grade of the NOS is widely used in medical and dental anaesthetic applications. We do not sell this form of nitrous oxide. Although the grade of nitrous oxide we sell is of a high standard which is required for culinary use.    

Food grade Nitrous oxide

At we only sell food grade nitrous oxide contained in 8g canisters otherwise known as ‘cream chargers’. We stock cream chargers in various quantities in multiples of 24 for delivery anywhere in the Greater Manchester area, view our price table for more information on delivery fees. Food grade NOS  is the most widely available form of nitrous oxide and is perfect for most domestic cutlery purposes at an affordable price. Learn more about cream chargers on our detailed article ‘What are cream chargers?’.

Auto grade Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide is also used in cars and injected into the engine, allowing it to output more power. This type of N2O almost always has hydrogen sulphate (A Rotten egg smell) added to it to stop recreational users. We do not sell this kind of Nitrous oxide.

Kayser Cream chargers in a box of 24

Canister size

There are 3 main sizes / formats of nitrous oxide and comes in 8g, 16g and tanks. Most people that want to use nitrous oxide for catering will only ever need the standard 8g cream chargers.

8g Canister

The 8g cream charger canisters that we stock are capable of whipping upto a max of 0.5L or 1 pint of whipped cream or similar substance. The net weight of the nitrous oxide (E942) is 7.5g with 0.5g accounting for the steel canister.

16g Canisters (Double Chargers)

People requiring large quantities of nitrous oxide sometimes use 16g chargers. However, not all whipped cream dispensers fit this and requires a larger holder and or a threaded dispenser. This complication is why we don’t stock this product, make sure you check what cream chargers are compatible with your dispenser before purchasing to avoid disappointment. Although, if your cream chargers do not fit we offer a comprehensive 14 day money back guarantee as long as the product and its packaging are not damaged.


Tanks of compressed NOS are generally only used in medical centres , ice cream vans and ect. We do not sell this format of nitrous oxide. Only properly trained individuals should use tanks of N2O.

8g Steel Mosa Cream charger Cartridge
Food Grade - 8g Steel Mosa NOS Cream Charger

Whipped Cream Recipes

Find flavoured whipped cream recipes for you to use with your dispensers. Also find out how to use your whipped cream dispenser in the correct way by clicking the icon above.

How to use a whipped cream dispenser properly

Learn how to use a whipped cream dispenser in a proper and safe manner. This includes the whole process from start to finnish.

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