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In Portland Nitrous Oxide remains in high demand, catering to both commercial users like cafes and restaurants, as well as home bakers. Due to its classification as a controlled substance, locating Nitrous Oxide can be challenging, as regulations are in place to curtail its sale and deter misuse. Listed below are various U.S. retailers where you can purchase cream chargers, either in-person in Austin or online with fast delivery. To gain further insight into the potential misuse of Nitrous Oxide—commonly referred to as whippits, laughing gas, hippie cracks, nangs, nos, and other terms.

It's crucial to remember that Nitrous Oxide is not intended for human inhalation and poses severe risks when used improperly. We firmly discourage any form of Nitrous Oxide misuse.

Buying online (Our Picks)

The NOS chargers come in a range of packs including 10, 24 and 50pks.  Brands such as SupremeWhip, QuickWhip, ISI, BestWhip, Mosa, and Whip-it! are available online.

The 500ml cream whipper is a high quality product capable of dispensing whipped cream, while keeping it fresh for longer. It's available in different colors and varieties .

Buying locally in Portland

There are lots of locations around Portland that sell Nitrous Oxide to the public. However, kitchen supply shops are the best places to look first.
Below are various Portland specific Nitrous Oxide retailers, some of which can deliver the cream chargers to you.

Bargreen Ellingson


3232 NW Industrial Street
Portland, OR 97210

Phone: 800.875.1161

Sur La Table


1102 NW Couch Street
Portland, Oregon 97209

Phone: 503-295-9679


Most shops in Portland are likely to only stock 8g food grade nitrous oxide canisters

Canister size

There are also 3 main sizes/formats of canisters. 8g, 16g and tanks. Most people are likely to only ever need the standard 8g cream chargers.

Large quantities of cream chargers are available from


Important Information

How are cream chargers incorporated into modern culinary techniques?

Cream chargers are a key ingredient in modern culinary techniques, especially in the vibrant culinary scene in Portland. These small cartridges filled with nitrous oxide play a crucial role in transforming ordinary ingredients into extraordinary culinary creations. In Portland's bustling culinary landscape, chefs and home cooks alike are incorporating cream chargers into various dishes to elevate the overall dining experience. One popular application of cream chargers is in the creation of whipped and frothed creams, sauces, and mousses. The nitrous oxide in the chargers acts as a stabilizer, giving these creations a light and airy texture that adds a delightful element to the dish.

Cream chargers are also used in the preparation of carbonated beverages. By infusing the nitrous oxide into liquids, bartenders and mixologists can create effervescent cocktails that are both visually appealing and enjoyable to drink. The versatility of cream chargers allows for experimentation with unique flavor combinations, giving Portland's cocktail scene a creative edge.

Furthermore, cream chargers have found their way into the realm of molecular gastronomy, a cutting-edge culinary movement that explores the science behind cooking. Chefs in Portland have embraced this technique, using cream chargers to create foams and espumas. The nitrous oxide interacts with the ingredients, creating a stable foam that enhances both the presentation and taste of the dish.

It is worth noting that while cream chargers are a valuable tool in the modern culinary world, it is essential to handle them responsibly. Chefs and individuals must ensure they are well-versed in the proper usage and storage of cream chargers to maintain food safety standards.

In conclusion, cream chargers are a vital component in modern culinary techniques, especially in Portland's thriving food scene. They offer chefs and home cooks a versatile tool to create whipped creams, carbonated beverages, and innovative molecular gastronomy dishes. By incorporating cream chargers into their culinary repertoire, Portland's culinary professionals can add a touch of creativity and sophistication to their dishes, further enhancing the overall dining experience.

Which establishments predominantly use cream chargers for their dishes?

Cream chargers, also known as whipping cream chargers, are commonly used in various food establishments in Portland to enhance the presentation and taste of dishes. These establishments predominantly include bakeries, cafes, dessert shops, and restaurants. In bakeries, cream chargers are often utilized to create exquisite decorations on cakes, pastries, and desserts. The pressurized nitrous oxide gas released from the cream chargers helps achieve a light and fluffy texture for whipped creams and mousses, adding an aesthetic appeal to baked goods.

Cafes in Portland also make good use of cream chargers to prepare delightful beverages like specialty coffees, hot chocolates, and flavored lattes.  The nitrous oxide gas aids in creating a rich and velvety foam topping, elevating the overall taste and presentation of these beverages.

Dessert shops, such as ice cream parlors and gelaterias, rely on cream chargers to produce smooth and creamy textures in their frozen treats.  This enables them to offer customers an indulgent and satisfying dessert experience.

Restaurants in Portland often incorporate cream chargers in their culinary creations to infuse flavors into savory dishes. By utilizing the nitrous oxide gas, chefs are able to create light and airy foams or emulsions that enhance the taste and visual appeal of various entrees and sauces.

Overall, a wide range of establishments in Portland, including bakeries, cafes, dessert shops, and restaurants, predominantly make use of cream chargers to elevate the taste, texture, and presentation of their dishes. The nitrous oxide gas released from these chargers allows for creative and innovative culinary techniques, making the dining experience more enjoyable for customers.

What advantages do cream chargers offer over traditional whipping methods?

Cream chargers, also known as whipped cream chargers or nitrous oxide chargers, offer several advantages over traditional whipping methods in Portland. These small, pressurized canisters are widely used in both commercial and domestic settings for whipping cream and other culinary applications. One of the primary advantages of cream chargers is the convenience they offer. Unlike traditional whipping methods that require manual effort and time, cream chargers allow for quick and effortless whipping of cream.  With just a simple press of a button, you can have perfectly whipped cream in seconds.

Cream chargers provide consistent results every time you use them. The nitrous oxide gas contained in the chargers helps stabilize the cream, resulting in a smooth and fluffy texture. This consistent quality is particularly important in professional foodservice settings in Portland, where consistency is key to maintaining customer satisfaction.

Cream chargers are extremely efficient in terms of both time and ingredients. They allow you to whip small or large quantities of cream as needed, without any wastage. This is especially beneficial for businesses in Portland that have varying demands for whipped cream throughout the day.

Cream chargers are not limited to whipping cream alone. They can also be used to create various other culinary delights such as mousses, sauces, and infused creams. This versatility makes cream chargers a valuable tool in the kitchen, allowing for creativity and innovation in recipes.

Cream chargers have a long shelf life and are easy to store.  They do not require refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature, making them a convenient and space-saving option for both home cooks and professional chefs in Portland.

In conclusion, cream chargers offer several advantages over traditional whipping methods in Portland. They provide convenience, consistency, efficiency, versatility, and have a long shelf life. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, cream chargers can enhance your culinary creations and simplify the process of whipping cream and other delectable treats.

How do cream chargers impact the texture and taste of food items?

Cream chargers play a significant role in influencing the texture and taste of food items. In Portland, these small canisters of pressurized nitrous oxide (N2O) are commonly used to infuse cream and other ingredients, enhancing the overall dining experience. When cream chargers are used, the pressurized nitrous oxide gas interacts with the fat present in the cream. This process helps to create a smoother and denser texture, resulting in a luxurious, velvety mouthfeel that is highly sought after in desserts, beverages, and other culinary creations. The use of cream chargers in Portland enables chefs and home cooks to achieve consistent and professional-quality results, making dishes more appealing and indulgent.

Not only do cream chargers impact the texture, but they also affect the taste of food items. The nitrous oxide gas dissolves into the cream, which changes its chemical makeup.  This alteration enhances the flavor profile, bringing out the natural sweetness and intensifying the overall taste.  Additionally, the incorporated gas creates tiny bubbles, giving the whipped cream a light and fluffy consistency that melts in the mouth.

It is essential for food establishments and individuals in Portland who rely on cream chargers to ensure they are sourced from reputable suppliers. This guarantees the quality and safety of the nitrous oxide used in food preparation. Following proper handling and storage guidelines is also crucial to maintain the integrity of the chargers and the resulting culinary creations.

In conclusion, cream chargers significantly impact the texture and taste of food items in Portland. By infusing nitrous oxide gas into the cream, they create a smoother, denser, and more luxurious texture. The dissolved gas also enhances the flavor profile, intensifying the taste and adding a light and fluffy consistency. When used correctly and from trusted sources, cream chargers contribute to elevating the dining experience by providing consistent, professional-quality results.

Are there specific brands of cream chargers that are preferred by top chefs?

Yes, there are specific brands of cream chargers that are preferred by top chefs in Portland. These cream chargers are essential tools in the culinary world for creating unique and delicious whipped cream. While different chefs may have their own personal preferences, there are a few brands that are commonly recognized for their quality and reliability in Portland. One preferred brand of cream chargers among top chefs in Portland is iSi. iSi cream chargers are known for their consistency and ability to produce a high-quality whipped cream. Chefs appreciate the reliability of iSi chargers, as they consistently deliver smooth and fluffy whipped cream to enhance their culinary creations.

Another popular brand that top chefs in Portland prefer is Whip-It! With Whip-It! cream chargers, chefs can achieve the perfect texture and flavor of whipped cream. Chefs enjoy the ease of use and the consistent results that Whip-It! chargers provide, making them a go-to choice for many professionals.

In addition to iSi and Whip-It!, Creamright is another trusted brand that top chefs in Portland often rely on.  Creamright cream chargers are known for their durability and ability to consistently produce creamy and velvety whipped cream. Chefs value the reliability and high quality of Creamright chargers in their culinary pursuits.

It is important to note that while these brands are favored by top chefs in Portland, individual preferences may vary. It is always recommended for chefs to experiment and find the brand that best suits their specific needs and culinary style.

In conclusion, top chefs in Portland have their preferred brands of cream chargers for creating luscious whipped cream. iSi, Whip-It!, and Creamright are among the popular choices, thanks to their quality, reliability, and consistency. Chefs in Portland can explore these brands to elevate their culinary creations with the perfect whipped cream.

How does the cost-effectiveness of using cream chargers compare to other methods?

Cream chargers are a cost-effective option for creating whipped cream when compared to alternative methods. In the city of Portland, cream chargers provide a convenient and affordable solution for those looking to make whipped cream in a professional and easy-to-use manner. Cream chargers in Portland are readily available and offer a cost-effective way to produce homemade whipped cream.  These chargers are small, disposable canisters that contain nitrous oxide (N2O), a gas that is used to rapidly whip cream to perfection. They can be purchased individually or in bulk, offering flexibility and affordability.

Compared to other methods of making whipped cream, such as using a stand mixer or hand-whisking, cream chargers provide a quicker and more efficient process. The nitrous oxide gas within the chargers enables a rapid expansion of the cream, resulting in a light and fluffy texture. This method cuts down on preparation time, making it convenient for both personal and professional use.

Another advantage of using cream chargers in Portland is the ability to control portion sizes. Cream chargers provide precise measurements for the amount of whipped cream desired, allowing for consistency in servings. This ensures minimal waste and cost-effective usage, especially in commercial settings where serving sizes and cost management are crucial.

Cream chargers also offer convenience in terms of storage and usage. They are compact and easy to handle, requiring minimal space in the kitchen. Additionally, the chargers have a long shelf life, allowing for extended usage over time without compromising quality.

In summary, cream chargers provide a cost-effective solution for creating whipped cream in Portland. They offer convenience, efficiency, and precise portion control, making them an ideal choice for both personal and professional use. By utilizing cream chargers, individuals and businesses in Portland can enjoy the affordability and ease of making homemade whipped cream.

What are the environmental implications of using and disposing of cream chargers?

Positive Environmental Implications of Using and Disposing of Cream Chargers in Portland Cream chargers, while commonly used for whipping cream, have positive environmental implications when used and disposed of responsibly in Portland.

Cream chargers enable a more environmentally friendly approach to whipped cream production compared to traditional aerosol cans. They are typically made of recyclable steel, and when properly disposed of, can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint in Portland.

Cream chargers come in small, compact packaging that is designed to minimize waste.  This means less material is used in their production, resulting in fewer resources consumed and less waste generated overall.

Unlike traditional whipped cream production methods, cream chargers require minimal energy to operate.  This reduces energy consumption and decreases the associated environmental impact, making them a more sustainable option for creating whipped cream.

In Portland, there are recycling options available for cream chargers. Metal recycling facilities accept empty cream chargers, allowing for their materials to be repurposed and reducing the need for new resource extraction.

By opting for cream chargers in Portland, consumers are making a conscious choice to support local businesses that prioritize sustainability. This can contribute to a larger cultural shift towards environmentally friendly practices and instill a sense of environmental responsibility in the community.

In conclusion, using and disposing of cream chargers in Portland can have positive environmental implications.  From reduced carbon footprint and minimal packaging waste to lower energy consumption and proper disposal options, cream chargers offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional whipped cream production methods. By embracing these practices, individuals in Portland can contribute to a more environmentally conscious community.

How have cream chargers influenced dessert presentations in upscale restaurants?

Cream chargers have had a significant impact on dessert presentations in upscale restaurants in Portland. These small canisters, filled with nitrous oxide gas, are used to aerate and stabilize whipped cream, resulting in a more light and fluffy texture. The use of cream chargers allows chefs to create visually stunning and delightful dessert presentations that have become a signature feature of high-end dining experiences.  In Portland's culinary scene, where creativity and innovation are highly valued, cream chargers have played a pivotal role in the evolution of dessert presentations. By using this tool, chefs have been able to elevate traditional desserts to new heights, introducing unique textures, intricate designs, and exciting flavor combinations.

One way cream chargers have influenced dessert presentations is through the creation of deconstructed desserts. Chefs in upscale restaurants in Portland have embraced the trend of breaking down classic desserts into their individual components and presenting them in a visually appealing manner. Using cream chargers, chefs are able to aerate components like whipped cream or mousse, creating delicate and light textures that complement the other elements on the plate.

Additionally, cream chargers have allowed chefs to showcase their artistic talents by incorporating decorative whipped cream designs into their dessert presentations.  With precision and creativity, chefs in Portland's upscale restaurants can craft intricate patterns, shapes, and even personalized messages using whipped cream. This level of attention to detail enhances the overall dining experience and adds an element of elegance to the dessert course.

Moreover, cream chargers have provided chefs with the ability to experiment with various flavors and infusions.  By infusing whipped cream with complementary ingredients such as fruit extracts, liqueurs, or spices, chefs can add depth and complexity to their dessert creations. This allows for a more personalized and unique dining experience, catering to the discerning palates of Portland's clientele.

Overall, cream chargers have revolutionized dessert presentations in upscale restaurants in Portland. From deconstructed desserts to intricate designs and innovative flavor combinations, these small canisters have given chefs the tools to create visually stunning and exceptional culinary experiences. With their contribution to the art of dessert, cream chargers have become an indispensable part of Portland's upscale dining scene.

What is the difference between nitrous oxide cream chargers and carbon dioxide cartridges?

Nitrous oxide cream chargers and carbon dioxide cartridges are both commonly used in various applications, but they have some key differences. Nitrous oxide cream chargers, also known as whip cream chargers, are primarily used for culinary purposes. They are small, disposable cylinders filled with pure nitrous oxide gas. These chargers are commonly used to create whipped cream, foams, and mousses. In Portland, these chargers can be found in specialty kitchen supply stores or online retailers.

On the other hand, carbon dioxide cartridges are more versatile and have various applications. These cartridges are typically larger in size and contain carbon dioxide gas.  They are commonly used in carbonation systems, such as soda makers and beer dispensers, to pressurize and carbonate liquids. Carbon dioxide cartridges can also be used for inflating bicycle tires, powering airsoft guns, and even in some medical devices.  In Portland, carbon dioxide cartridges can be found in sporting goods stores, bike shops, or online retailers.

In terms of safety considerations, it is important to note that both nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide should be handled with care. Nitrous oxide chargers should not be punctured or used improperly, as the gas is under pressure.  Carbon dioxide cartridges should be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent leakage.  It's always recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines to ensure safe usage.

In summary, the main difference between nitrous oxide cream chargers and carbon dioxide cartridges is their intended use. Nitrous oxide chargers are primarily used for culinary purposes, while carbon dioxide cartridges have a wider range of applications. Both can be found in Portland at specific retail locations or online stores that cater to these respective needs.

What innovations have been introduced in the design and functionality of cream chargers in recent years?

In recent years, several innovative changes have been introduced in the design and functionality of cream chargers with a focus on enhancing user experience and efficiency.  These advancements have particularly made an impact in the city of Portland. One key innovation is the development of eco-friendly cream chargers. With growing concerns about the environment, many manufacturers in Portland have introduced chargers that prioritize sustainability. These eco-friendly chargers are designed to reduce carbon emissions and minimize the ecological footprint. By using these chargers, consumers in Portland can enjoy their whipped cream while contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.

Additionally, there have been improvements in the ergonomic design of cream chargers. Manufacturers in Portland have recognized the importance of user comfort and convenience. As a result, chargers now feature user-friendly designs that make them easier to handle and operate. This includes the incorporation of ergonomic grips, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip during use.  These design enhancements have made the process of preparing whipped cream more efficient and enjoyable, enhancing the overall user experience.

Another significant development is the introduction of advanced safety features in cream chargers. Recognizing the importance of user safety, manufacturers in Portland have incorporated various safety mechanisms to prevent accidents and product misuse.  Some chargers now feature built-in pressure relief valves, which release excess pressure to prevent the charger from rupturing. Others have integrated indicators to show when a charger is empty or nearing its capacity, ensuring that users in Portland can safely and accurately gauge the amount of cream available.

Furthermore, technological innovations have transformed the functionality of cream chargers. Manufacturers in Portland have introduced chargers with improved gas dispersion systems, resulting in more efficient and consistent whipping of cream.  These advancements have led to a better quality of whipped cream, with consistently smooth and airy textures.

In conclusion, the design and functionality of cream chargers in Portland have witnessed significant innovations in recent years. Eco-friendly materials, ergonomic designs, enhanced safety features, and advanced gas dispersion systems are among the key advancements that have improved the user experience and efficiency of these products. Whether for professional or personal use, these innovations have made preparing whipped cream in Portland a more sustainable, convenient, and enjoyable process.