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ISI Cream Chargers

ISI Cream Chargers

ISI is the most recognized brand of cream chargers in the world. They have more than 50 years’ experience, so you can use their cream chargers with confidence. There are a couple different types of cream chargers made by ISI. The types are the Gourmet, Profi, Nitro, and Thermo.

The cream chargers are available in sizes that range from .25 Liter to 1 Liter, so whether you want to make a large batch of whipped cream or a small batch, there is a cream charger that will fit your needs and what you are looking for.

What is a ISI Cream Charger?

iSi cream chargers in a box of 10
ISI Cream Chargers

A cream charger is a device that you use in your kitchen to create fresh whipped cream. While whipped cream is the main goal of this kitchen utensil, you can also create other things such as foams. A cream charger is most commonly steel cylinders or cartridges that contain nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is a necessary whipping agent to make whipped cream fluffy and light. The nitrous oxide enters the canister with your cream and gets distributed when you shake it up. It is important to remember that nitrous oxide can also be a recreational drug, so you will need to keep an eye on that with younger kids who like to eat whipped cream straight from the can.

ISI Set Up

The set up of this cream charger is incredibly simple. All you need to do is start by filling the canister with the proper amount of cream and add any flavoring you might want to put into your whipped cream. Next you just need to screw on the lid to the canister.

There are different nozzles that come with the cream charger, so you can choose whichever kind of nozzle works best for what you are planning to create. The charger full of nitrous will screw onto the head of the canister and gets pierced by a little pin without much effort from you. 

You then need to just shake up the canister to distribute the gas throughout your canister. The cream charger canister then works like a regular whipped cream can, turning it upside down and spraying it on top of your pies, ice cream, cakes, waffles, or pancakes. 

There are two different nozzles included with this cream charger. They are similar to those that you would find with a pastry bag that you decorate cakes and cupcakes with. This will give you the option for a little bit of variety for your whipped cream. The nozzles fit in easily but can have some difficulty unscrewing sometimes.

The cream chargers come with a user’s manual that has some super useful information on how to set up and use your cream charger. You can also find a bunch of great information on the ISI website. They also offer up some recipes and ways you can use your cream charger.

ISI Cream Charger Performance

The ISI cream charger is fantastic when it comes to the performance. You will quickly create light and fluffy whipped cream that is much quicker than hand whipping. You can control the density of the whipped cream you make by the amount of shaking you do with the canister.

Most cream chargers will have a small cap that will cover the nitrous port after you have injected the nitrous into the canister. Unfortunately, this is not a piece that is included with this cream charger. This does not affect the function of the utensil at all, but it can lead to a damaged port if you are not careful.

The canister and dispenser are also simple to clean by hand. There is a small brush included that makes it simple to reach into the small spaces, so every part of the charger gets cleaned. If you don’t feel like washing it by hand, it is also dishwasher safe.

ISI Quality

This cream charger is definitely built to withstand the use of professionals as it is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. This means you can use it in your own kitchen and any professional kitchen, though the certification does not matter much for home use.

The canister is made from stainless steel, so it will hold up over several years of use. The decorator nozzles are made from plastic, but they are still sturdy. The nozzles connect to the canister with stainless steel threading.

ISI Temperature Range

The best part about this cream charger is it can be used in just about any temperature. The temperature range is 34 to 86 degrees. This means you can use the canister in a refrigerator or in a hot, busy kitchen. However, this does not mean that it is suitable to be used with ingredients that are hot. 


If you are wondering whether or not the ISI cream charger is worth purchasing, the answer is yes. The cream charger can ease your making of whipped cream immensely. It is extremely easy to use and leaves you with fresh, delicious whipped cream very quickly. You will be able to make the perfect whipped cream every time.

You can use this cream charger in any environment and still get the same result of whipped cream. ISI also makes super high quality cream chargers, so you will be extremely pleased with how long your cream charger will last. It is said they can last for several years when they are cleaned and taken care of properly. 

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