ISI Cream Chargers

ISI Cream Chargers

ISI, the globally recognized leader in cream chargers, boasts over 50 years of expertise. When using ISI cream chargers, you can be assured of superior quality and exceptional results. Choose from an array of types, including the Gourmet, Profi, Nitro, and Thermo.Our cream chargers come in various sizes, catering to your precise requirements. Whether you're whipping up a large batch or a smaller serving, ISI offers cream chargers ranging from .25 Liter to 1 Liter. Find the perfect fit for your needs and achieve the results you desire.

What is a ISI Cream Charger?

iSi cream chargers in a box of 10
ISI Cream Chargers

A cream charger is a versatile device that enhances your culinary experience by enabling you to effortlessly create fresh whipped cream and an array of other delicious treats. With a cream charger, you can achieve the perfect fluffiness and lightness that you desire in your whipped cream.Typically made of sturdy steel cylinders or cartridges, cream chargers contain nitrous oxide – a vital whipping agent. When combined with your cream and shaken, the nitrous oxide is evenly distributed throughout, resulting in irresistibly smooth and airy whipped cream.

While enjoying the convenience of a cream charger, it's important to keep in mind that nitrous oxide can also be used recreationally. If you have young children who may be tempted to enjoy whipped cream directly from the can, it's essential to exercise caution and monitor their access to the charger.

ISI Set Up

The set up process for this cream charger is incredibly simple. Begin by filling the canister with the appropriate amount of cream and adding your desired flavoring. After, securely screw on the lid to the canister.Included with the cream charger are different nozzle options, allowing you to select the nozzle that best suits your needs. To attach the nitrous-filled charger, simply screw it onto the head of the canister. The charger will be effortlessly pierced by a small pin.

Once attached, give the canister a gentle shake to evenly distribute the gas. Now, the cream charger functions similarly to a regular whipped cream can. Just flip it upside down and spray delightful swirls of whipped cream onto your pies, ice cream, cakes, waffles, or pancakes.

Included with this cream charger are two different nozzles, providing you with the opportunity to add a touch of variety to your whipped cream creations. These nozzles resemble the ones used in pastry bags for cake and cupcake decorations. While they fit into place effortlessly, they may occasionally present some challenges when unscrewing.To assist you in setting up and using your cream charger effectively, a comprehensive user's manual is included. This manual contains invaluable information. Additionally, on the ISI website, you'll discover a variety of resources, including recipes and innovative ideas for utilizing your cream charger.

ISI Cream Charger Performance

The ISI cream charger offers outstanding performance, allowing you to easily create light and fluffy whipped cream in a fraction of the time it takes to hand whip. With the ability to control the density of your whipped cream by adjusting the amount of shaking, you can achieve perfect results every time.While most cream chargers include a small cap to cover the nitrous port after injecting the nitrous into the canister, it's important to note that this particular cream charger does not include that piece. While this does not impact the functionality of the utensil, it's important to handle it with care to avoid damaging the port.

Cleaning the canister and dispenser is a breeze with the ISI cream charger. It comes with a small brush that reaches into every nook and cranny, ensuring that every part of the charger is thoroughly cleaned. If you prefer, you can also conveniently wash it in the dishwasher without worry.

ISI Quality

This cream charger is definitely built to withstand the use of professionals as it is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. This means you can use it in your own kitchen and any professional kitchen, though the certification does not matter much for home use.

The canister is made from stainless steel, so it will hold up over several years of use. The decorator nozzles are made from plastic, but they are still sturdy. The nozzles connect to the canister with stainless steel threading.

ISI Temperature Range

This cream charger is incredibly versatile, as it can be used in any temperature between 34 to 86 degrees. Whether you need to whip up a delightful treat in a refrigerator or a hot, bustling kitchen, this canister has got you covered. Keep in mind, though, that this charger is not intended for use with hot ingredients.


If you're considering whether the ISI cream charger is worth purchasing, the answer is a resounding yes. This incredible device will revolutionize your whipped cream-making process, making it effortlessly simple. With its intuitive design and quick operation, you'll have fresh, delectable whipped cream in no time, every time.Regardless of the environment, the ISI cream charger delivers consistent results, ensuring a perfect batch of whipped cream each time. Additionally, ISI is renowned for crafting cream chargers of exceptional quality, guaranteeing longevity. With proper cleaning and maintenance, these chargers can last for several years, providing you with endless pleasure.

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