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Kayser Cream Chargers

If you are looking for a new product to add to your kitchen that can quickly create fresh whipped cream and can assist you with some other things, you might want to consider a cream charger. Cream chargers use nitrous oxide to create creamy, fluffy whipped creams. You can also use them to mix cocktails and froths.

What is a Kayser Cream Charger?

A cream charger is a kitchen utensil that helps you whip up the perfect whipped cream that is soft, fluffy, and pillowy every time. There are several different pieces that make up this tool. 

The first part is the canister that holds the cream. In most cases, it is made of stainless-steel or aluminum and the sizes range from 1/4 to 1 Liter. 

The head of the canister consists of the head valve and gasket. The gasket works as an air-tight seal to reduce leaks. The valve has a small hole in which the pressurized whipped cream and other foams dispense from.

There are also tips that come with the cream charger. These tips come in multiple sizes and shapes and they are really easy to use. You can easily choose how you want your whipped topping to look on top of your desserts.


Kayser Cream Chargers
24 Kayser Cream Chargers

One of the most known cream charger manufacturers is Kayser. They were founded in Vienna, Austria by Herbert Kayser in 1952. The company makes some of the highest quality cream chargers, soda chargers, and soda siphons for both wholesale and retail customers. The company is incredibly reliable, and they make their customers their number one priority.

All of the products made by Kayser comply with even the strictest environmental standards, as well as their own certified quality system. The main product they sell is their cream chargers.

Kayser Cream Chargers

One of Kayser’s cream chargers contains 7.5 grams of nitrous oxide and is able to whip up to 0.5 Liters of whipping cream or something of similar substance. Each cream charger is weighed individually, so you can be ensured that each canister contains the right amount of gas. Each charger is made out of a recyclable steel and can’t be refilled. 

Kayser cream chargers

How to Use Kayser Cream Chargers

Kayser cream chargers are super easy to use and you will absolutely love it after your first use. The very first thing you need to do is make sure that the components are properly cleaned. Clean the canister, the cartridge, piping tip, and screws with cold water. Dry the pieces thoroughly.

Next you will need to attach the tip you are going to be using. You can do this by unscrewing the canister lid and setting it to the side for a second. Next, you will need to choose the tip you want to use and insert it on top of the cream dispenser. Make sure the tip is properly connected to the head valve.

The next thing you will do is put the ingredients you want into the canister. Pour in the whipping cream along with any additives you want. This could be powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, or some kind of flavoring. Be careful to not fill over the max line.

After you have added all of your ingredients, you will screw the lid back onto the canister. Place the charger into the holder and screw it into the head. Make sure the smallest end is facing upward. Twist until you can hear the gas getting released. You will hear a hissing sound when this happens.

Once you hear that sound, you can keep the charger where it is or take it and set it to the side. Either way, you will want to make sure you shake the canister. Turn it around and upside down to ensure that all of the ingredients are completely mixed together. This will spread the nitrous oxide throughout the canister.

Press the lever to dispense the whipped cream onto your dessert. When you are finished, make sure you clean up the canister for your next use!

Kayser Tips

If you are using your cream charger and you notice that you are having some issues, here are a few tips that might be able to help.

First, it is extremely important that you do not scrub the gasket on the head because it could cause some serious damage.

Before you do anything, make sure all of the gas that was leftover is released from the bottle. You can do this by wrapping the nozzle with a towel and pressing the lever. This will ensure that there is nothing left in the nozzle or the canister. 

The canister consists of several different parts that are fragile. Make sure you don’t use any kind of abrasive materials to clean the canister. This includes stainless-steel cleaner or any other harsh chemical.

Final Thoughts

If you are on the hunt for cream chargers to add to your kitchen, consider buying Kayser. The company has been around for over 50 years and produces some of the highest quality cream chargers that you can buy on the market. Each charger is individually weighed to ensure that you will get the same amount of nitrous oxide every time. 

You can happily use your Kayser cream chargers knowing that each one will be filled with exactly 7.5 grams of nitrous oxide. This is enough to whip up 0.5 Liters of whipped cream from whipping cream for any dessert.

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