Liss Cream Chargers

The Power of Liss Cream Chargers

Whipped cream is a perfect finishing touch to any dessert, freshly made coffee, drink, or appetizer. Whether you are exploring your culinary skills in your home kitchen or start-up restaurant, making your own fresh whipped cream is one that you must perfect.

However, this can be a daunting task. If it’s your first attempt, you’ll surely have a hard time whisking manually until your arm gets numb, and even if you use a standard mixer, you won’t get the firm, perfectly whipped consistency that you desire.

The good news is, there’s an easier way to get a beautiful swirl of whipped cream as a topping for your dessert. You only need two basic tools, a whip cream dispenser, and a quality cream charger. 

Luckily, Liss offers quality cream chargers that complement well with any type or brand of cream dispensers. Here’s a quick overview of Liss cream chargers and how to use them.

What is a LISS Cream Charger

A Liss cream charger is a  small steel cartridge that contains 100% pure nitrous oxide (N2O), a tasteless and colorless gas that acts as a whipping agent or cream propellant. Made up of 100% recyclable steel, the canisters are environment-friendly. 

Each charger contains 8 g of nitrous oxide, enough to transform 1/2 liter of liquid cream to 1.5 liters of whipped cream, which is much more efficient than manual whisking or standard mixing.

Take note that the small steel containers are highly pressurized in order to get exactly 8 grams or 10 mL of nitrous oxide. For safety reasons, it is advised to keep the chargers from being exposed to high temperatures more than 50 degrees celsius or placed under excessive mechanical pressures.

What is a Cream Dispenser

Whip cream chargers are plugged into cream dispensers, which are thick walled stainless steel or aluminum cylinders, to dispense a volumized and firm whipped cream. The high pressure inside the dispenser is triggered by the cream chargers that release the nitrous oxide. The gas instantly disolves into the liquid whip cream transforming it into an instant whip, foam or mousse.

A stainless steel whipped cream dispenser
Whipped Cream Dispenser

Why LISS Cream Charger Contains Nitrous Oxide

This tasteless gas dissolves readily with the liquid form of cream and will not oxidize inside the canister, compared with other gases. The nitrous oxide inside the Liss cream charger inhibits bacterial growth making it safer to use.

Nitrous oxide is considered safe in the culinary world when used in small amounts. Still, this gas must be used with caution as it has a weak anesthetic effect if inhaled in concentrated or huge quantities. 

The nitrous oxide in a Liss cream charger has a relatively small quantity, enough to act as a whip cream propellant, without causing any side effects.

How to make a perfect whipped cream with LISS

Aside from securing a cream dispenser and cream charger, you have to make sure that your liquid cream has a fat content ranging from 27-36%. It is the fat component that is being incorporated with the nitric oxide from the cream charger.

Once the lever on the cream dispenser is pressed, the pressure from the cream charger is released, infusing the nitric oxide into the cream to expand the fat molecule to produce a smooth and airy whipped cream.

This process makes the cream dispenser produce 4x the volume of whipped cream compared with manual whisking.

Steps on how to use the LISS cream charger

It’s actually easy! Here are the basic steps on how to use the LISS cream charger:

1. Prepare the cream dispenser or whipper. Rinse well before filling it with cream.

2. Fill the cylinder with a well-chilled fresh cream along with other components like syrups, sugars, or extracts, depending on your recipe. Only fill the cylinder with the permissible quantity of liquid indicated on the dispenser. 

3. Screw the head of the dispenser evenly and firmly, making sure there is no leak.

4. Insert the LISS cream charger into the charger holder. Screw the cream charger on the inlet valve until a loud hissing sound is produced. This will indicate that the content, which is nitrous oxide, has been released into the dispenser.

5. You may use 1 charger for each filling. An 8 g canister can whip half a liter of cream. Shake the dispenser four to five times up and down. If the recipe has a well-cooled light cream or other ingredients, you may shake up to 10 times. 

6. Unscrew the charger to produce a slight hissing sound. Remove and discard empty steel chargers.

7. Hold the dispenser vertically, about 1 cm right above the surface. Press the lever lightly to dispense the freshly whipped cream. If the cream is not firm enough, you make shake further. When you are planning to use it later, don’t shake it again.

Safety Measures

Once you have the box of Liss cream chargers on hand, you must take note of the following safety precautions:

Liss cream chargers are only used as a cream propellant or whipping agent. It must not be bought for other purposes.

Do not throw away the cartridges if they are still filled with pressurized nitrous oxide.

Do not expose to high temperature or high mechanical forces.

If you have burnt yourself with freezing nitrous oxide, immediately seek medical advice, as it can cause extensive tissue damage.

Liss cream chargers. Box information.

Bottom Line:

The Liss company is a leading brand with 50 years of experience and is well known for its quality and credibility in producing cream chargers. Liss cream chargers can be used for any type of cream dispenser or whippers. Create elevated desserts by topping them with fresh quality whipped cream using Liss cream chargers!

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