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Mosa Cream Chargers

Mosa Cream Chargers

A guide to everything you need to know about Mosa cream chargers

What are Mosa cream chargers? And what are they used for?

Mosa cream chargers are a brand of cream chargers by the manufacturer Mosa Industrial Corp, in Taiwan. The canisters come in 8g and 16g steel cartridges that are filled with nitrous oxide that is combined with cream to form whipped cream, used by many bakers and chefs for cooking. Some bars also used cream chargers for mixology for creating cocktails.   

Mosa Industrial Corp

Address: 18, Kehu 3rd Road, Huwei, Yunlin 63247, Taiwan

Phone: +886-5-636-1867


In 1988, Mosa was founded but it was not until 2004 when they started producing N2O (Cream Chargers) and CO2 cylinders and obtained a ISO-9001 certification, with the aim to ensure every cream charger is as good as the last.

From then onwards Mosa has grown from strength to strength and in 2009 they became the second largest consumer high pressure cylinder supplier in the world.   

Mosa now has four high-pressure manufacturing plants and was listed on the Taiwanies stock exchange in 2019.

Find the full story of Mosa history page

Where are Mosa Chargers made?

The majority of Mosa’s manufacturing takes place in Taiwan. Mosa owns a massive industrial complex occupying 140,00m2 of space at the  Central Taiwan Science Park- Huwei Park in Yunlin County. The factory have many certificates of excellence and pride themselves in making pure and reliable cream chargers. Further information about the awards can be seen in the Mosa Certificates section.  

Are Mosa Cream Chargers legal?

The law regarding cream chargers and the Nitrous Oxide inside them varies around the world, but the vast majority of developed countries have some form of limitations or restrictions surrounding the gas. Most of the restrictions are aimed at keeping it out of the hands of children, just like other substances and gases like gule and butane. Generally, as long as you are over the age of 18 and are only using whipped cream chargers for cullerty purposes, it is totally legal to own them. The law varies around the world, so do your own research. 

For more specific information about the laws surrounding cream chargers visit our Health and safety page.

Where can I buy Mosa Cream Chargers?

You have two main avenues for buying Mosa cream chargers with either online retailers or locally stores, usually through kitchen supply shops. View our local directory page to find a local online or physical store near you.


Canada: /

United States:

United Kingdom:

Find out where to buy in your local area on our directory page.

What are Mosa cream chargers made of?

Mosa cream chargers are made of 0.2 grams of 100% recyclable steel and contain 7.8 grams of pure tasteless and colorless Nitrous Oxide (N2O) inside to make the 8g cream charger. Mosa also anodize the metal with a special protective layer which protects the canister from corian preserving the gas inside for long periods. The chargers are also non-refillable, so once used will need to be recycled.

8g Charger specification

Cartridge contains 7.8 grams of pure N2O at approx. 60bar/900psi.

0.2 grams of 100% recyclable steel

Cartridge Volume/Water capacity: 10ml.

Filling Pressure: 8MPa


Cartridge total weight: 28gm.

Size: 66mm x 17.8mm.

View on Mosa Website

Are Mosa cream chargers the best?

Mosa cream chargers are widely regarded around the world for their purity, quality and reliability. 

However, generally there is not a huge difference between cream chargers as they all have to contain 100& Nitrous oxide. The difference is more in the branding and the packaging and there are lots of different brands available.

Mosa Certificates

Mosa Certificates 

Halal Certificate

AFNOR / certificate of ISO 14001

AFNOR / certificate of OHSAS18001

AFNOR / certificate of CNS 15506

TUV / ISO 9001 quality management system certificate

TUV / IATF 16949 quality management system certificate

INERIS / EU Directive 2013/29/UE

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